Track event COVID–19 cases.

Start collecting COVID-19 case reports for any event right now.

Collect Cases
  1. Create account.
  2. Create event.
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Submit Cases
  1. Visit a shared event link.
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View Cases & Impact
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What is this?

COVID-19 continues to kill and injure many people daily. With the collapse in case data reporting it has become difficult to show that high-risk events such as large meetings, performances, and other events result in quantifiable harms.

This web app allows you to create a sharable event link for attendees to report their symptoms and test status anonymously. The public event page will then display how many attendees have become sick or tested positive in an easy-to-digest form along with expected impact (e.g. how many might be expected to get Long COVID). These statistics can be used to help you advocate for increased COVID-19 mitigations in your workplace or other groups.

Here are some ways you might use this.

Fight for Change

It may be difficult to get people to disclose their status publicly with their name attached to colleauges (it's embarassing and everyone is trying to ignore COVID), but it is much easier for an activist to drop a link and aggregate anonymous statistics since there is less chance of blowback for such disclosures for the individuals and they'll feel like they're contributing to public health and workplace safety.

For the organizer or activist, information is power. Statistics are able to show the real harms that are occuring and can be used to advocate for safe events and workplaces. It also gives your fellow attendees a way to help each other in a clear and structured way that the Federal government should be providing, but isn't.